NADA Foreland 2023

July 21 - 23

JDJ is thrilled to participate in NADA Foreland with works by Myles Bennett, Leah Guadagnoli, and Jamie Gray Williams.

NADA Foreland 2023 features over 40 participating galleries in a collaborative exhibition cascading through Foreland’s historic Flagship Building and Waterfront at 111 Water Street, Catskill, NY. The exhibition will run Friday, July 21st through Sunday, July 23rd.

Myles Bennett, Waves #6, 2023, Ink, Acrylic, Graphite and Colored Pencil on Canvas, 39 x 36 in

Myles Bennett’s work is centered around the intersection of architectural drawings, 18th-century landscape paintings, and the organized space of woven and raw canvas. His geometric abstractions explore the material capabilities of canvas in innovative ways, deconstructing and reimagining the picture plane. Bennett’s technique includes drawing lines guided by the canvas grain, inking into the cotton fibers, and the precise extraction of a canvas’s warp, in order to merge his curiosities and the surface’s condition into an aesthetic balancing act.
Myles Bennett (b. 1983 Nashville, lives and works in Brooklyn) received a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design with a focus on the personal scale of construction and materiality. Bennett’s work has recently been exhibited at Rutger Brandt, Amsterdam; Pamela Walsh, Palo Alto; Espositivo, Madrid; and Victori.Mo, NY.

Leah Guadagnoli, Truth Serum, 2021, Acrylic paint, canvas, upholstery foam, and insulation board on LusterBoard, 35 x 31 1/4 x 2 in

Combining sculpture, painting, and architecture, Leah Guadagnoli’s work defies easy categorization. Blending painterly abstraction with the physicality of sculpture, her constructions strike a balance between geometrical precision and free-form patterns, using unusual materials such as painted pumice, acrylic-painted canvas, and textiles wrapped around foam insulation. By bringing together disparate materials in combination with abstract yet familiar imagery, Guadagnoli emphasizes the individual properties of each material, in contrast to the industrial, mass-produced society for which they were originally intended.
Leah Guadagnoli (b. 1989, Chicago, lives and works in the Hudson Valley) received her BFA from the University of Illinois and completed her MFA at Rutgers University. She has had solo presentations at Hollis Taggart, NY; Asya Gesiberg, NY; and Victori + Mo, NY.

Jamie Gray Williams, Identity Crisis, 2023, Acrylic and oil on canvas, 32 x 26 in

Working primarily in painting and drawing, Jamie Gray Williams utilizes fantasy and humor to explore questions about inter-subjective limits and the complex relationships of mind and body, imagination and reality, self and others. Her wild, expressive and often humorous oil and acrylic paintings possess a canny energy and fluidity, beginning life as intuitively conjured drawings. Her work opens our eyes to a kind of physical theater, where our existence with and within the human body is exposed as an absurd and curious psychological experience.
⁠Jamie Gray Williams (b. 1989, Indiana, lives and works in Philadelphia, PA) received her MFA from Rutgers University in 2017 and was in residence at the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture in 2015. Her work has recently been exhibited at Venus Over Manhattan, Marvin Gardens, and Selena's Mountain, all NY, and PMAM, London.