On Reserve: Voice Lessons in a Collector’s World


February 28 - March 4

JDJ is thrilled to present a special week-long project featuring selected works from the collection of Paul H. Pincus.

Bill Adams
Hernan Bas
Margot Bergman
Ellen Berkenblit
Ewelina Bochenska
Barrow Parke
Brian Calvin
Martin Creed
Jerónimo Elespe
David Godbold
Tony Just
Alex Katz
Sanya Kantarovsky
Karen Kilimnik
Charles LeDray
Sol LeWitt
Lucia Love
René Magritte
Claude Monet
Jeanette Mundt
Elliott Puckette
Peter Shear
Do Ho Suh
Pamela Talese
Felix Werbowy
Liu Ye

Sanya Kantarovsky, Impression 3 (purple), 2013, Watercolor and vine charcoal on paper, 32 x 24 1/2 in

Elliott Puckette, The Mirror, the Comb, and the Necklace, 2011, Gesso, kaolin and ink on wooden panel, 39 x 36 in

"Collecting art can and should never be confused with the act of making art. The latter requires a secret knowledge of alchemy. Collecting for the collector and storytelling for the artist, feeds the soul, and supports the life and economic well-being of both. If one is lucky, a beautiful relationship between collector and artist crystallizes and a great bond and friendship is formed. If even luckier still, that relationship continues to evolve and grow throughout a lifetime.

This installation attempts to reveal all of this and hopefully in doing so, will also share one additional thing in common with art creation—it tells a story. I believe that artists are storytellers as well as healers, whose work establishes opportunities for life changing transformative experiences. It has always been this way for me. The stories I have selected to share are deeply personal and reflect a multitude of emotions and experiences throughout a nearly quarter of a century. I have shared a good part of my life with art and I now share that with you."

— Paul H. Pincus, New York, 2023