NADA New York 2024

JDJ is thrilled to present a solo booth by Minako Iwamura for the 2024 edition of NADA New York. Iwamura is the most recent artist to join the JDJ’s program, and this presentation of new work will mark her first solo debut with the gallery.

Minako Iwamura, Still, 2024, Oil and white charcoal on cradled wood panel, 40 x 30 x 1 1/2 in

With their biomorphic shapes, Minako Iwamura’s paintings exist in a liminal state that feels both abstract and corporeal. She uses geometry, color and pattern to explore the psychological undertones conveyed by the structures found within the paintings.
Iwamura’s paintings combine curvilinear forms and subtle shifts in color to produce compositions that radiate a kind of energetic pulse. Her interest lies in the exploration of dualities—geometry and nature, the singular and the collective, premeditated delineation and intuitive movement—and the slippage between them.

Minako Iwamura, Pendulum, 2024, Oil and white charcoal pencil on cradled wood panel, 40 x 30 in

Transcendence, Installation view, 2023

Minako Iwamura CV