The Armory Show 2024

JDJ is thrilled to participate at The Armory Show with a solo presentation by Barrow Parke.

Following their recent museum survey Systems & Mythologies, at the University art Museum at Albany, the artist duo will present new paintings on hand-woven and embroidered linen, a site-specific wallpaper installation, and a new group of works on paper.

Barrow Parke, Fish Don't Exist, 2024, Acrylic and embroidery and hand-loomed linen, 27 1/2 x 35 1/2 in

As art historian Robert Shane writes, “weaving is a way of thinking” for the artists. In fact, for Barrow Parke, weaving is the way of thinking. Originating at least 10,000 years ago and coinciding with the first cultivation of plants to produce food, weaving marks one of the first examples of complex thought. And as such, weaving is the genesis of abstract knowledge requisite for nearly every subsequent development of civilization— language, mathematics, and science, among others.

Systems and Mythologies, Installation View, 2023-2024

Barrow Parke tease out these connections in new works on view here: the classifications and hierarchies in the universe to the structures of myths; the logic of computer and graphic technologies; the exploration of how the foundational knowledge on which all intellectual progress is based was almost certainly female. Other work focuses on botanical pattern motifs as signs of these primordial, conceptual beginnings and on animals surpassing human thought capabilities.

Systems and Mythologies, Installation View, 2023-2024

There is something innately essential and human in the structure of weaving. The ubiquity of weaving’s thought patterns reverberates through almost any subject one can think of. For Barrow Parke, this makes it the ideal system through which the artists approach their practice and the world at large.

Systems and Mythologies, Installation View, 2023-2024

Mark Barrow (b. 1982) and Sarah Parke (b.1981) live and work in New York City. Their work has been recently exhibited at JDJ | The Ice House, Garrison, NY; La Capella Cavassa, Saluzzo, Italy; Rose Art Museum at Brandeis University, Waltham, MA; White Columns, New York; Le 109, Nice, France; ZERO..., Milan; Galerie Almine Rech, Paris and Brussels; and Elizabeth Dee, New York.

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