November 16 - January 13

JDJ is thrilled to inaugurate its new home in Tribeca at 370 Broadway with an intergenerational exhibition of artists who aim to create works that reach beyond the concrete world and tap into the metaphysical realm. Participating artists include:

Beverly Acha
Barrow Parke
Myles Bennett
Miriam Cahn
Marylyn Dintenfass
Julia Felsenthal
Heather Guertin
Adam Henry
Minako Iwamura
Jenny Kemp
Gyorgy Kepes
Sol LeWitt
Amy Lincoln
Ana Mendieta
Paola Oxoa
Elliott Puckette

Heather Guertin, Tessa, 2023, Oil on canvas, 66 x 54 in

Beverly Acha, falling flowers (o quatro cometas, o que?)[ flores que caen (or four comets, or what?)], 2023, Oil on linen, 43 1/4 x 35 3/8 in

Whether inspired by optical or nature-based phenomena, or their own personal sense of interiority, these artists use color, light, form, space, and poetic gesture as a means of exploring worlds within and outside of our corporeal existence.
Several through lines emerge—among them: a systematic process of removal or negation, whether of color or of material; a fascination with light and the ever-changing qualities of the atmosphere, and subtle shifts in color gradation that elicit an emotional response from the viewer.

Amy Lincoln, Leaf Tunnel with Moon (Green, Blue, Purple), 2023, Acrylic on panel, 16 x 20 in

Myles Bennett, Penumbra #8, 2023, Graphite and Colored Pencil on Canvas, 50 x 50 in

Julia Felsenthal, Edge of the World, 2023, Watercolor on cotton paper, 16 x 12 in

Marylyn Dintenfass, Stellar. Aquila, 2020, Oil on canvas, 77 x 87 in

Barrow Parke, MYC2, 2014, Acrylic on hand-loomed linen, 25 x 22 in

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